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Employee Development Programme

Employee development Programme must be well-created to include training of skills that are important to the company's strategic objectives. Since the organizational culture, workforce and client needs vary for each organization, our employee development programmes are customized to provide sustainable solutions that enhances the employee competencies.

Every training programme designed is unique for every client and different for each target group. Our flagship Competency development programme developed exclusively for executives and managers are aimed to equip them with the skill-set to become an effective leader. Our skill development programmes targeted for Operators, Inspectors and Technicians addresses the core industry-wide skills required in the respective functional domains. In addition, we have Vendor Development Programmes designed to promote the growth and development of our Suppliers. Our innovative services are delivered through e-learning and in class-room settings at client locations.

Omnex Quality Academy's flagship programme R2Re programme is a good choice for working professionals with less than 3 years experience who wants to increase their technical expertise. The programme provides the necessary skills to grow within the organization.

Skill Development

Omnex Skill Development is an impressive programme designed to help the employees improve their functional expertise that would greatly impact the productivity of the industry. The process comes with layered training sessions with real-time exposure to work that produces work-ready engineers. The employees can further get trained at their convenient time and location over the e-learning channel by gaining access to an array of training materials. This online portal also enables the companies to monitor reports and track progress of their employees. This serves to be a win-win approach for both the workforce and the industry. Employees will be able to identify their skill gaps and emerge towards becoming able engineers. Industries will be able to curb errors and mitigate risks at various manufacturing and production levels by having a robust and adept workforce. Skill Development Program helps companies to achieve this milestone.