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Understanding the new-age requirements, Omnex Academy formed Center of Excellence for e-Learning (CoEE). OQA’s e-Learning training courses are a great way to introduce the employees of your organization to new standards or update them on what to expect with new revisions. With our cost-effective training programmes being conveniently offered online, your employees can learn the concepts of these evolving standards at their own pace. Omnex also offers customized training programmes in a simulation-based learning and virtual learning environment with the latest e-Learning tools incorporated.

  • Management Systems
  • Safety
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills

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Blended Learning

Omnex Quality Academy's training program is unique in that it focuses on blended learning, an innovation in education that can take many forms. Our blended learning method provides students and faculties a potential and dynamic environment to learn and teach more effectively. It offers a good mix of technologies and traditional class room study. Our faculties find themselves in the role of a facilitator than as an instructor. They focus more on empowering the students with the skills and knowledge required and to guide them towards a constructive learning experience. Our method enables students to have a more personalized learning experience and to have control over the time, place and pace of his/her learning. Apart from the face-to-face class room instructions, our blended learning model incorporates problem-based learning facilitated by expert faculties; live sessions, streaming video/audio etc.

Virtual class room

Our virtual classrooms offer a comprehensive solution to the development of various skills that require access to a wealth of information. We recognize the individual's skills to garner the required data by providing a platform to work on his own. These efforts are augmented with interactions with fellow students, teachers through classroom software, audio and video conferencing, application sharing etc. Quick access is provided through the use of synchronous communication tools such as message boards, instant messaging and chat. Multi-level fall back mechanisms which include session recordings and sharing the screen and other materials among the students ensure the efficacy of the learning mechanism.

Learning Solutions

Omnex Quality Academy's education methodology caters to a wide range of learning styles and e-learning is one among that. Our online learning facility is designed to provide instant access to information which is one of the driving factors in today's competitive world. We maintain a repository of course material and related articles that is easily accessible to all students. Our course materials employ latest learning methodologies and technological standards to enhance the students' skills. The students have the flexibility to determine what and when to learn and can repeat the learning units as many times they want. In addition, our resource center includes audio-video of course contents, practice tests prepared by experts and reference materials.