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Alumni association serves as a dynamic connection between an institutes' past and present. The main aim of the association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and establish an enduring relationship with the alma mater. A good alumni association can benefit the institute, students, the faculty and the alumni itself. Being a member of Alumni provides opportunities for professional growth and social interaction. Career guidance can be given to the current students and placements can be organized with the help of alumni associations. In addition, powerful Alumni can enhance the brand recognition of the institute.

Stay Connected

Since its inception, Omnex Quality Academy has produced more than 500 Alumni who are working in challenging positions in various industries. Our Alumni association provides a single platform for these outstanding people to come together and enable the academy to add value and achieve its vision.

Every graduating student of the academy automatically becomes a member of our Alumni Association. It offers invaluable networking opportunities. Many of our graduates often find themselves in challenging leadership positions, seeking employees or in a position to offer letters of recommendation. So staying connected to your alma mater by giving your contact information could provide yourself that extra competitive edge.

So stay connected to strengthen our global footprint.

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