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About Us

Brief Profile

The Omnex Quality Academy or OQA is headquartered out of Ann Arbor, Michigan the home town of the prestigious university of Michigan and it is part of the Omnex group of companies which has operations in several countries worldwide. Omnex, a well-known name in business and quality management consulting and implementation, formed the Omnex Quality Academy to help both industry and new graduates gain practical knowledge of the world of business, quality and operational research.

The academy was created to bring together facets of every business

  • Implementing high quality process internally
  • Enabling the workforce to continuously learn and upgrade their knowledge, skills and hiring a workforce that knows much more than just book knowledge. The academy has already taught over 1000 students and boasts faculty members who are industry experts from various parts of the globe. Courses are currently offered in English, Spanish, Thai and Chinese in a variety of disciplines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the young workforce in a changing global society and to help them pursue excellence in a productive environment. We are committed to instill in each student a desire to learn, accept challenges and to lead.

Our Vision

Omnex Quality Academy strives to emerge as a global leader in preparing competent professionals by providing an unparalleled learning experience in a dynamic international environment.

Core Values

Omnex Quality Academy's unique corporate culture is distilled into our six core values. These values are part of our DNA and have been acting as the driving force behind the realization of our mission and vision. Through these, we have created an unmatched legacy of success in our industry.

The six core values we live by include

  • Passion in all we do is one of the fuels behind the success of our organization. We are passionate about building long-lasting client relationships and this dedication impels us to provide services beyond their expectations.
  • Being passionate and intimate with the business can drive the feeling of Ownership of our decisions, actions and results. We maintain an environment of accountability and autonomy and strive to see ideas through fruition, despite obstacles.
  • Respect for the individual is one of the keystones of our culture. Treating everyone with dignity and respect can make them take full ownership of the work they do which benefits the employees as well as the company.
  • We understand that best solutions come from working together. Trust and respect between people who work together fosters an effective Teamwork which increases the chances of success.
  • Pursuit of Excellence has been both internal and external motivating value for our company. Our open, communicative environment nurtures an effective teamwork that strengthens our ability to provide higher quality services.
  • In our journey towards excellence, we promote an Innovative culture that brings out and delivers creative ideas and solutions. We are ready to embrace and drive change that allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Services

In a world where job offers are more, we still face acute scarcity of employable workforce. To this effect, Omnex Quality Academy was formed with a vision of helping businesses by providing a pool of highly competitive and skilled productive workforce. Our comprehensive portfolio of services is specifically intended to suit the needs of the business verticals like Institutional development, Industrial engagement, Government Liaison, Partnership/Franchisee working, E Learning development and PQAS – Third party inspection.

Our training programs are designed in such a way that it effectively enhances the employability skills of the trainees. For the students, it creates a solid base and foundation that would ease the transition from college into the workplace. For the professionals, our corporate training methodologies equip them with upgraded knowledge of the field as they constantly have to keep themselves abreast of the latest technologies to take on the new challenges. We also offer industry-specific customized competency and skill building programs for workforce that helps in gaining competitive advantages.

The E-learning solutions developed and deployed by us deliver a consistent understanding of materials and cater to specific needs for the clients. Our customized and tailor made solutions help our clients to grow and stay ahead of their competitions.

As part of Government of India's initiative to build a skilled and employable nation, Omnex Quality Academy has plans to provide industry relevant training through our partners that will enhance the employability skills of the youth.